Storm Damage Photo Gallery

two employees working on removing a water damaged floor.

Remediate & Reconstruction

Water Leads to Mold

flooded house is a challenging experience for anyone, no matter how it happens. The main danger that comes with water damage is mold. We can access the severity of the water loss and determine if the padding if salvageable or if it needs replacement. The good thing is SERVPRO can not only remediate your home but also reconstruction! 

The front of a brown home.

Remove Snow

Remove snow from around your home to avoid water seepage into basements and crawlspaces. Water damage can sneak up on you and your property. Make sure that you are protected and stay alert! SERVPRO is here to help when disaster strikes! 

The underneath of a building with green SERVPRO equipment.

Flood Proned

Always do a thorough walk-through of your home during flood-prone times. Pay special attention to rarely inspected areas like under the stairs, back corners of basements, etc. We want you to stay safe! 

Green SERVPRO machine outside.

Large Loss Resources

Floods can happen in all shapes and size in the High Rockies. This loss required the resources and power of our Rapid Response team. Our team is always fully equipped to handle any type of storm or flood damage. 

Ice Dams

Ready for the snow

Ice dams on roofs are a common issue in the Vail Valley. If left untreated it could lead to major water losses and potential mold growth. Calling SERVPRO right away is the best way to get this taken care of!

Raw wood that has been constructed to make a wall.

Setting Trusses in the Mountains

Reconstruction is fundamental to making it "Like it Never Even Happened". Our clients and insurance partners look to us to put the home back together.  This project in Vail is a great example of the kind of work that we do! 

Snow at the top of a green hill.

Snow Storm Creates Loss

This snow storm, while beautiful. It is creating damage. Once the snow melts, it turns into water, then the water will travel into homes and cause damage. Water damage hits this right on the nose. 

Truck carrying black trash bags.

Trash with a View

Trash with a view is correct! Here we have an employee transporting trash from a project. All while enjoying this beautiful blue sky and mountain top. One of the many joys of living in Colorado! 

Using raw wood to seal up a leak in a gray roof.

Patched Up

SERVPRO of Summit, Lake, Park & Eagle Counties  had this roof patched up in no time at all. With our 24 hour emergency service our team will be on scene within an hour. Give us a call today! (970) 949-3235