Recent Before & After Photos

Demolished Kitchen

When taking apart a kitchen or any room in your home it takes a highly skilled team to do it right. Once we detect an unhealthy amount of moisture, one of our t... READ MORE

Drywall Soaked

In the first photo we have a very high moisture meter reading, which indicates there is water trapped within these walls. Our team went straight in to investiga... READ MORE

Attic Fire

A small fire occurred in the attic of this home. Fires such as these can be a product of a failed heating system, air conditioner, or a lighting strike. Even if... READ MORE

Missing Tiles

Missing tiles in a commercial residence from a large water loss. These tiles have fallen and also been removed due to the fact they had been destroyed by excess... READ MORE

Flood Cuts

If walls have insulation, your restoration company will need to use flood cuts to rid your property of water damage. Flood cuts are made to fully address the w... READ MORE

Water Commercial Restoration

Why make flood cuts? Flood cuts are most typically needed when rising water enters a property both residential or commercial. Flood cuts are needed because risi... READ MORE

Thermal Fogging

Thermal fogging approximates the smaller smoke particles. Driving them deep inside tiny cracks, crevices, and pores of surfaces, just as the original smoke depo... READ MORE

Assessing Damage

Are team always assess the damage your property has been plagued with as soon as they arrive on scene. In this instance, the restroom appeared to only have mini... READ MORE

The roof is falling down

The roof has only fallen down due to a large fire that took place in this home. They were in need of a large amount of fire damage restoration and rebuilding pa... READ MORE

Sometimes you just have to strip it

Our team stripped these stairs of carpet and padding due to water and mold damage. The water stains on the carpet had much more hiding beneath them. Removing an... READ MORE