Photo Gallery

White sheet with red tape securing an area.

Safety #1

Our team always make sure the damage in your home is properly contained before restoration begins.

"They did an outstanding job for us. We experienced severe flooding, mud, furniture damage, etc. Their response time was rapid. The crew was courteous, thoughtful, hard working and kind. All procedures were explained to us in advance and a face to face meeting was conducted to review the charges. We would definitely call on them again!!!"

— Mary L. in Canon City, CO

Room filled with green air movers, and raw exposed wood on the walls and floor.

Water is Hiding in your Home

Water restoration is in our blood. Our team works restoring homes and businesses through out restoration and remediation efforts everyday. In this specific case we have a commercial residence that had a pipe burst. 

Bare ceiling exposed due to rotting from a water loss.


Bare beams are exposed from removal of ceiling contents. Everything was removed except for the foundation due to a large water loss. SERVPRO of Summit, Lake, Park & Eagle Counties team are the experts in water restoration

Using raw wood to seal up a leak in a gray roof.

Patched Up

SERVPRO of Summit, Lake, Park & Eagle Counties  had this roof patched up in no time at all. With our 24 hour emergency service our team will be on scene within an hour. Give us a call today! (970) 949-3235

Ceiling has been taken out only leaving the raw beams.

-Ceiling Replaced-

Water restoration is our most common service we preform here at SERVPRO of Summit, Lake, Park & Eagle Counties. Our team had to remove the ceiling of this property due to a large water loss. Give us a call today! (970) 949-3235

Ceiling has fallen showing the bare beams.

Soaked Ceiling

The ceiling has been destroyed due to a significant amount of water loss. When large storms like this happen our office is always busy. SERVPRO is always prepared for situations like these! That's why our large team is always on call. 

Grey roof has a hole from water damage.

Roof Hole

A storm caused a leak in this home owners roof. Thankfully, they knew to call SERVPRO right away. We were able to seal up the leak in no time! Calling us saves you time & money. 


SERVPRO of Summit, Park, Lake, and Eagle provides excellent reconstruction services. This hard wood floor from a customer in Silverthorne, CO was done after a significant fire. She was especially happy with the glossy finish on her new hard wood floors.

Water Heater Leak

A water heater in Gypsum, CO exploded, resulting in massive water damage. This picture showcases the closet that the water heater was in after we did demolition. We removed all of the wet floor, drywall and insulation in order to prevent mold/mildew spread.

Small Fires

At SERVPRO, we treat small fires no different than large ones! This was the resulting damage of a small bedroom fire at a home in Breckenridge, CO. Even though it wasn't very substantial in size, the fire still smoked out most of the home. We got in there right away and the customer was impressed at how by the time we were done, it was truly "Like it never even happened."

Large Fire

This was from a garage fire in Salida, CO. There was significant damage to the whole garage and the living quarters above it. Once SERVPRO got in there, we quickly cleaned up and did a reconstruction on the garage and upstairs bedrooms. The customer was very please in our skills and communication.

Crawlspace Mold

It's highly important to check for mold in ski country. This is a "before" photo of a crawlspace infected with mold from a customer in Wolcott, CO. We quickly got in there and contained the mold so it couldn't spread anywhere else and then decontaminated the crawlspace!